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Offering a full range of hand-crafted metals
and tobacco accessories from Sheffield, England.

Clay Pipes
Pipe and Cigar Accessories
Traditional English Nasal Snuff

Pipe Tobaccos

The Sheffield Exchange is the sole distributor
Wilson's & Co.,Gawith Hoggarth, and Fribourg & Treyer
traditional English nasal snuffs,
Gawith Hoggarth Pipe Tobaccos,
as well as Pollock clay pipes.

" Smoke When You Can.... Snuff When You Can't"

The Sheffield Exchange brings the centuries of experience in metalworking and tobacco blending from Sheffield, England to American connoisseurs

Sheffield, England became the center of post-medieval industrial development that propelled England into the Industrial Revolution. Sheffield craftsmen are world renowned for the quality of their metal blades for knives and scissors, and the distinctive craftsmanship of their pewter.

With the colonization of the New World, Europeans were introduced to tobacco. To meet demand for this new indulgence, Sheffield developed unique blends of tobacco flavors perfectly suited to the tastes of English pipe smokers and snuffers.

Charles B. Dull, founder of The Sheffield Exchange, received his master’s degree in historical archaeology from the University of Sheffield. His focus was the rich history of Sheffield's metalworking and tobacco industries. Charles is also known as the premier expert in the United States on English nasal snuff, having been written up in numerous magazine articles.

By combining unique products and extensive industry knowledge, The Sheffield Exchange offers a refreshing old world business approach to the American connoisseurs.

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