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Gawith & Hoggarth
Pipe Tobaccos

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New Pipe Tobacco Bar!!

Gawith & Hoggarth

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Flakes (stove and press times vary for color and strength)


Bob’s Chocolate: Virginias, Latakia, burley tobaccos w/ hints of chocolate, cocoa, and Vanilla.

Brown Flake Scented & Unscented: stove and pressed Virginias and burley tobaccos                                                 (unscented) w/ flavors of licorice, maple, and tonquin (scented).

Glengarry Flake: Virginias w/ light flavors and honeydew. 

Rum Flake: Virginias and burley w/ flavors of rum, licorice, and vanilla. 

Kendal Flake: Virginias w/ flavors of almond. 

Ennerdale Flake: Virginias, burley, and sun-cured w/ flavors of almond, vanilla and various fruits.

Dark Flake scented & unscented: same as brown flake/ stoved longer for strength. 

Bright C R Flake: Virginias in pure state. 

Scotch Flake:


Mixtures & Ready Rub (British flavors are often light and florally)


Coniston Cut Plug: Dark fired, Virginias, and burley. 

Bosun Cut Plug: Virginias and dark fired w/ flavor of clove and other essences. 

Broken Scotch Cake: Virginias, air and dark cured, and latakia. 

#5 Mixture: Dark fired and air cured, Virginias, and Cavendish. 

#7 Broken Flake: Virginias, dark fired, burley w/ light flavors. 

#12 Mixture: latakia and flue cured bright Virginia. 

#20 Latakia: latakia with blended leafs. 

#25 Mixture: Latakia, bright Virginia, dark sun cured, and light burley. 

Scotch Mixture: Flue, dark, air cured, and latakia. 

Bob’s Square Cut: See Bob’s chocolate flake. 

Dark Bird’s Eye: Whole dark leaf with mid rib fine cut. 

Kendal Dark Fine Cut: Dark air and fire cured. 

Burley & Bright: Light burley and bright Virginias with flavors of chocolate and vanilla. 

D.V.C.: Dark Virginia Cavendish with light chocolate flavor. 

Kendal Light: All light Virginias. 

Kendal Kentucky: Dark fired Kentucky


Aromatic Mixtures (cased in the American style)

 Top Black Cherry:  

American Delight

Cherry Vanilla:


Ropes (dark fired and dark air cured/cooking times vary to darken leaf)

Black Irish X: Stoved longest  

Brown Irish X: Stoved less time 

Rum Twist: Flavored with rum 

Happy Bogie:  

Black Cherry Twist: Flavored with black cherry. 

Curley Cut Deluxe: thick rope, sliced. 

Sliced Brown Twist

Sliced Black Twist: